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Governed by creators Secured by Blockchain

We’re empowering creators to capitalize, copyright, and license their music around the globe.

Proof of Ownership

Bluebox provides a unique solution to music rights data issues, providing a stable, transparent foundation without relying on middle men.

Keep full control over your copyrights and revenue-generating music assets as an artist, label or other interested party by using Bluebox’s universal music rights management system.

Direct Music Licensing

As a license holder, connect directly with your counterpart’s music rights and automatically create new music licenses using smart contracts.

With smart contracts & licenses, multiple rights holders can get paid in real time as music is distributed and delivered to the consumer.

Decentralised file
storage and delivery

Uploading your music to Bluebox’s decentralised cloud ensures security and ownership through cutting-edge cryptography.

Control access and get comprehensive reports on your music data to help increase revenue now and into the future.

Streamline Split Payments

Bluebox verifies information using the latest blockchain technology to guarantee accurate multiple split payments for the lifetime of a sound recording.

Split payments can be set up quickly & easily at the point of creation, revolutionising the way music payments are made and helping everyone claim what is rightfully theirs.

The global source of truth for
the music industry.

A Fragmented Industry.

The music industry is fragmented and has not evolved it’s copyright management processes since before the invention of the internet. Due to the outdated nature of the music industry, great inefficiencies have emerged to the tune of over $2 billion dollars in lost royalties each year and growing.

With numerous inefficiencies and a growing number of middle-men in the music industry, creators are earning less than ever. In fact, creators are bringing home less than $14 on every $100 worth of revenue that they generate. The other 86%+ goes towards record deals, collection fees, licensing fees, and other costs.

New Technologies.

Bluebox uses blockchain technology to manage music copyright information across the music industry as a whole, dramatically reducing the $2billion lost in royalties each year.

By using the latest technology, creators can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will collect more royalties than ever before and eliminate royalty losses from incorrect contracts.

The Future.

Bluebox is preparing creators for the music industry of tomorrow, enabling them to reclaim missed monetization opportunities such as fictionalized copyrights, capitalization options, and sales of future royalties.

Digitizing music copyright information with Bluebox technology allows creators to set themselves up for the future of the music industry.

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