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Governed by creators Secured by Blockchain

We’re empowering creators to capitalize, copyright, and license their music around the globe.

Self-sovereign music rights

Bluebox uniquely solves data issues to provide a stable, transparent foundation that you can trust without relying on third parties.

Keep full control over your copyrights and revenue-generating music assets as an artist, label or other interested party by a using universal music rights management system.

Direct Proof of Stake Licensing

As a licensor, connect directly with your counterparty’s music rights and automatically create new music licences using smart contracts.

By integrating smart licences with decentralised file delivery, multiple rights holders can get paid in real time as music assets are distributed to the consumer.

Decentralised file
storage and delivery

Bluebox is built for sustainability. Upload your music to the decentralised cloud, ensuring security and ownership through cryptography.

Control access and get comprehensive reports covering music data points leading to increased revenue.

The global source of truth for
the music industry.

A Fragmented Industry.

Music industry is fragmented and has not evolved in copyright management processes since before the invention of the internet. Due to the archaic nature of the music industry, great inefficiency have emerged to the tune of over $2 billion dollars of lost royalties each year and growing.

With the inefficiencies and growing number of middle-men in the music industry, creators are earning less than ever; Creators are bringing home less than $14.00 on every $100 worth of revenue that they generate. The 86%+ goes towards record deals, collection fees, licensing fees, and other costs.

New Technologies.

Bluebox leverages technology to manage music copyright information across the music industry as a whole, reducing the $2billion per year lost royalties yearly.

By using modern technology, creators can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they will collect more royalties than before and eliminate royalty losses from incorrect contracts.

The Future.

Bluebox is preparing creators for the music industry of tomorrow. Enabling creators to benefit from missed capitalization opportunities such as fictionalized copyrights, capitalization options, and sales of future royalties.

By digitizing music copyright information with Bluebox technology, creators are setting themselves up for the music industry tomrrow.

Meet the music industry professionals and blockchain experts developing the future of the music business.


  • Lee Parsons


    Founder of Ditto Music, a Music company supporting independent artists, with 20 offices worldwide and ranked top 50 fastest growing U.K.

  • Jeff Ward


    Architected and executed flagship Music Licensing applications at Universal Music Publishing Group and other Fortune 100 Companies. Advocate for blockchain technology since 2015.


  • Chris Meehan

    CEO Sentric Music

    As CEO of one the world’s biggest independent publishers, Chris has deep music industry knowledge and vast experience working with artists and music societies.

  • Nick Gatfield

    CEO Sony Music

    Personally signed Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, Katy Perry and One Direction. Overseeing a team of 1000 staff with over $3bn annual revenue.

  • Adam Parness

    Global Head Of Publishing

    Alex was recently Global Head of Publishing at Spotify. He joined Spotify in 2017 after previous roles in publisher relations at Pandora and content acquisition at Amazon.

  • Alex Holz

    Senior Product Specialist

    Managing day-to-day operations of 900+ independent music publishing partners on Youtube. Successfuly exited the company “Rightsflow” to Google.

  • Jose Antonio Eboli

    President, Universal

    13 years experiece as GM of Universal Music Brazil leading a team of over 200. Jose was responsible in signing international acts like Foo Fighters, Lady Gaga and Paul Mccartney.


  • Rodrigo Ratto


    Ex VP Universal Music 30 years experience in the music industry - Responsible for the company’s physical and digital commercial strategy, leading a team of 23 professionals working with artists like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and an annual turnover of 500m+

  • Craig May

    International Marketing Director

    Former International Marketing Director at Red Bull Records. Working on global release campaigns for Awol Nation and Albert Hammond Jr and leading an international team of 30.

  • Hamish Crombie


    Former Senior Director of A&R of Kobalt Music Recordings / AWAL, and head of Global A&R at William Morris in Los Angeles. Hamish has been involved in the music industry for over 15 years.

  • Chris Mooney

    Head Of Music Publishing

    Working alongside artists like 21 Savage, Run DMC. Chris helped Tunecore collect over 1Bn in publishing and recording royalties.


  • Tim Bass
    Lead Architect

    Solutions Architect with 13 years experience in IT infrastructure and cloud technologies. Delivered enterprise grade projects across Australia.

  • Samuel Brooks
    Technology Officer

    Highly experienced project manager, engineer and analyst. Experience in financial services, energy and law.

  • Matt Hale
    Product Owner

    Product ownership including Problem/Solution Validation Experience in Solidity smart contract development Data science and modelling expertise - Python

  • Francois Latouche
    Software Delivery Manager

    20 years experience in software and product development, Head of software delivery at Block8.

  • Shashank Yadav
    Agile Delivery Manager

    8 years experience in product delivery, development and quality assurance using agile methodologies and practices.

  • Jack Davis
    Solutions Architect

    8 years experience in software development and product development Delivered a global blockchain gaming platform with 200k users.

  • Hamish Ivison
    Blockchain Developer

    Experienced with smart contract development in solidity and web3. Has worked on the music rights problem and developed a number of core product solutions.

  • Navneet Vishal Gulati
    Full Stack Developer

    Strong skills and experience on Java, Kotlin, AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Meteor, SQL, MongoDB, Postgres with Development experience on DLT (Corda), web3 and Ethereum.

  • Utkarsh Bisht
    Senior Developer

    Strong experience in application development, data design, application quality and relational databases. Worked on multiple FINTECH projects with FINRA accredited financial organisations.

  • Bikram Kishore Sahu
    Senior Test Engineer

    13 years experience in software testing Strong experience in all flavors of testing (Manual, API, Automation & Performance)

  • Matthew Vernon
    UX/UI Designer

    Product Design (UI/UX), Branding and Communication Design, Rapid Prototyping and Incubation,Digital Strategy and Product Management

  • Phil Vadala
    Head of Infrastructure

    Network and infrastructure expert with over 1=0+ years of industry experience.Secured enterprise grade network infrastructure for banks and large corporations.Expert in Blockchain & Cloud infrastructure.


Together we’re starting a digital revolution in the music industry


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